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Aaand we have the Absorbing man.
Ok, not Vicktor Von Doom but anyway a comicbook character.

Excelent casting, very alike. And you have to see him shirtless…

About Spider Woman cover

You should wash your mounth before talk about Manara and his art. I’m not a Manaraholic but for us he’s a defing artist. Yes: hire him for the cover it’s been a chellange but Marvel known his arts and his style. And the pose was “not so strange” for Spider Woman.

So please… Stop this overacting circus

So…Manara can’t hold a pencil…
And the spidewoman cover is dull and badly drawned…
And Spiderwoman never been in a pose like that…
God bless America, God bless Tumblr

-an italian


me and my friends


me and my friends


Drew Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule as a tribute to the late great actor. He loved Legend of Zelda so I’ve incorporated his love for the game into this sketch.

Told ya, Iwata. You do him, I’ll by your garbage


Drew Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule as a tribute to the late great actor. He loved Legend of Zelda so I’ve incorporated his love for the game into this sketch.

Told ya, Iwata. You do him, I’ll by your garbage

Is this the real life?

Is this the real life?


Screenshots of P.T. the Silent Hills interactive preview

Dream house

Joyfull moments in PT demo.


Before we begin, watch this walkthrough of the game. It doesn’t hit all the highlights, and I would have loved it had the player stopped to read the writing on the wall more often, but this will suffice. It’s one of the few on Youtube that doesn’t include commentary.

What You Need To Know:

P.T. stands for (I’m guessing) “Playable Teaser”. It’s a short, unsettling horror game built upon the FOX engine, released under a small dev. Team. The advertisements for it are incredibly vague, save that playing it will induce pants-shitting terror.

What they fail to mention is that this demo was the brainchild of the folks at Konami, and was actually a teaser for the upcoming “Silent Hills” release, being lead by Hideo Kojima. A few of the “Team Silent” folks are also returning to help out with “Silent Hills”, which equates to a lot of fans getting hyped. Myself included. Kojima’s return is equivalent to returning to what the series was during the first three titles, before other developers decided to stick their hands in it. Meaning, a lot of symbolic, heady tension and terror.

P.T. is packed full of just that, as the above walkthrough can attest. I’m also lead to believe that-despite Konami’s claims that it’s simply a teaser, and “will have nothing to do with the final product”-P.T. is filled with so much silent-hill goodness, references and related atmosphere that it’s a set-up for the plot.  Let’s start taking the walkthrough apart, piece by piece.

Act 1: “The Real World”

We begin with a text prompt that says the following:

Watch out. The gap in the door, it’s a separate reality.

The only me is me.

Are you sure the only you is you?

Right off the bat, this is an disquieting message that seems in-line with the spirit of the Silent Hill franchise. The complete text, which the walkthrough we’re referencing seems to miss, also includes. “I went out walking, until I was walking ahead of myself”. Silent Hill is a series that greatly enjoys screwing with sense of time, space and reality. While the “Otherworld” portion of an abandoned town seems the most obvious, the series has made use of non-Euclidean space to purposefully disorient players, which only aids in the ongoing tension the rest of the atmosphere and score bring. P.T. is no exception.

The teaser begins proper, and we’re met with a single door, illuminated by a white light. From our vantage point, we also see what we believe to be a lone cockroach, until it begins moving. It’s actually conjoined, either by mating or circumstance, with another cockroach, both moving as a single entity. Yet again, this is something Silent Hill makes constant use of-both birth metaphors, and “other-but-sameness”. This imagery was more apparent in Silent Hill 3, though 2 and 4 also made use of the “otherworld” to represent two sides of the same person, thing or place.

The room isn’t completely barren, either. If the player manages to die post-obtaining the flashlight, you can see a desk in a corner, with a lunchbag that features dark stains towards the bottom. It repeats the opening text, as well. Behind it, you can make out tic-marks along the walls, counting up to quite a sum. Coupled with the text/speech, this begs the question of how long the player has been in this particular room/scenario, who the bag is…and if it’s an “other” of the player, or merely the environment toying with you. Again, classic Silent Hill, leaving more questions than answers.

The door opens, and we’re met with a long, badly-lit hallway that turns right, leading to another door, which recycles the hallway section again. The hallway itself tells quite a bit-the corners are littered with booze, empty cigarettes and trash, implying someone is either living here or squatting. A desk near a window features a few pictures, and a telephone off the hook. Turning right, we see a desk with a radio and a wedding picture, coupled with trash, car-keys and more. There are two doors past this turn-the front door (which never opens in the entire teaser), and another, which is unopenable at this time.

Worth mentioning is the fact that, if the player has subtitles on, certain messages display when you walk up to paintings. This becomes increasingly important, as when you pass through the doorway beyond the descending stairs, the radio crackles and comes to life, featuring a breaking news item. The messages seem like song lyrics-and likely are to be featured on the forthcoming title. They say something to the effect of, “If I call, will you hear me? I’m waiting”, which reminds me of several of Melissa J. William’s songs from 3, 4.

My voice, can you hear it?

This sign, can you read it?

I’ll wait forever if you’ll just come to me

Before we delve further, I would like to point out that the way in which the hallway is shaped, along with a descending staircase and recurring trips through the hallway, reminds one quite a bit of the frequent staircases and spirals within Silent Hill 4. The “holes”, experienced in 1-4 also are implied and outright used later in the demo, referencing the sense of descent into madness and despair the series is popular for.  The second time through the hallway, everything-marginal references to the Silent Hill series, and their popular fluff-becomes all the more apparent as the player descends into their self-made nightmarish hell.

Act 2: “Descent into Purgatory”

Things grow steadily more unstable as “The real world” of the first trip through the hallway and “The other world” begin to overlap.  At first, it’s a slow decay-the radio crackles to life, with the announcer talking about how a husband murdered his entire family with a rifle, later going out to his car and turning on the radio. Police find him “almost as in a trance”. At this point, the family pictures scattered around take on a sinister connotation.  The fact that the few lights in the hall grow steadily dimmer doesn’t help, either.

This is further aggregated by the sound of a crying infant heard in what appears to be the bathroom, formerly one of the locked doors, now cracked open slightly. If the player approaches it, a hand appears from behind and shuts the door, locking it again. At this point, I began to feel a slow prickling on the back of my neck as the opening text came back to the forefront of my mind.

Another trip through the hallway results in a much darker walkthrough, with the door guarding the stairs locked. This breeds confusion-until the bathroom door creaks open. Walking towards the room, we see a flashlight blinking on the tile floor. When the player picks it up, the first instinct is to look around the bathroom-which is infested with cockroaches, grime and filth. If we look into the shower, there’s a hole in the wall-and something reflecting back at us for a fraction of a second. A clear reference to the apartments in Silent Hill 2.

If the player turns around, we see that the mirror above the sink is shattered, coated in grime and filthy. Something also appears to be moving in the sink. Glancing down in it, we’re met with the fleshy, malformed creature that was causing all the noise-which makes it immeadiately begin crying all over again, much more violent and desperate this time, like a screaming child. If we’re being observant, it’s vaguely humanoid form, bulbous head and overall features aren’t all that different than a fetus, which makes the radio announcement something more than mere mood setting. It’s an implication of guilt, one which-though not directly-makes the player out to be the murderous father.

Footsteps begin coming down the hall, towards our left. The bathroom door closes, and as the footsteps approach the door, the handle turns several times, to no avail. Eventually, the door opens into total darkness, and the stairwell door is open again. While this could easily be construed as “spooky happenings”, it’s not that far of a stretch to assume that it was either a double of the player, or the player themselves-displaced by the otherworldly dimensional warping powers of Silent Hill, or something more.

From this point on, the cancerous growths of the Otherworld become increasingly obvious. Cockroaches become a mainstay, with the radio announcer directly referencing the player, voice sinister as he says “Don’t touch that dial-we’re just getting started”. He also says “look behind you. NO, REALLY. LOOK BEHIND YOU!”. While the above playthrough successfully avoids the encounter, a ghastly, rotting-in-appearance, vaguely female entity attacks the player, choking them out until they descend to the ground. Should this happen, the player wakes up in the original room, and starts that particular cycle of the hallway all over again. Worth noting is that the entity appears to be missing their right eye-as the hallway degrades further, so do the random items that make up the environment. The family photos-the wedding one, in particular-features an X over the wife’s portrait, later featuring the writing “PLUCK IT OUT!”. Eventually, the player is able to stab the face of the picture, destroying the bride’s eye. If there were any doubts at this point over the identity of the player, they’ve hopefully been shattered by now. The announcer also calls out a number-204863-which could be several things, and is also never used directly in the game. A quick google check-up reveals nothing extraordinary.   

The hallway begins to ruin itself, with a window falling and shattering a mere foot from the player. Writing slowly begins appearing on the walls in different places.  One above the doorway in the stairwell. One near the front door. The messages vary, but almost unanimously reference being called by a certain power somewhere-much as James and Heather were called to Silent Hill. As the otherworld begins to take over, things get worse…much, much worse.

Act 3: Otherworld Hallway, The Maze, The Crash

When the red-light appears in the hallway, you’ve officially crossed over into otherworld. Darkness, the color red, and more are all popular color motifs of the series, and it was at this point I really expected to start hearing the all-too-familiar air-sirens. Especially when I noticed the “load/save” icon in the bottom right was three circles in the shape of a triangle-a popular symbol of Silent Hill’s cult.

Many things happen at this point. Going towards the front door, we’re met with the sound of liquid sluicing-if we look up, it’s a giant box suspended by chains, oozing blood, swaying where the hallway light normally is. Walking towards the phone, we see the word HELLO!, with letters gradually disappearing until only HELL is left. Cycling through the hall several more times, the radio announcer begins to repeat 204863. We see the bathroom ghost, hear the fetus-creature in the hallway crying in a maddening cacophony. Several players report a rare random event in which the phone rings, and a voice says “YOU HAVE BEEN…CHOSEN”, though I failed to find this on any of the play-thrus I found. A potential signal of being brought in for a beta? Here’s hoping!

The puzzles grow more complex at subtle, requiring acute attention to the environment. One puzzle in particular, while the hallway is a blood-curdling red, requires finding a hole on the wall where a portrait formerly hung. There’s a small hole on the wall-the peephole from the shower earlier. If the player looks through it, they can hear the brutal murder of the wife mentioned on the radio, complete with throat slitting. All of these events compiling onto one another yet-again feels all too familiar, as several of the lead characters in the series were reminded of their past sins when they made it to Otherworld. P.T., again, seems no exception to this rule. The fact that the phrase “NO TURNING BACK NOW!” appears above the peephole only hammers home this theme even more.

Eventually the player reaches a cycled hall in which they’re moving at a manic pace, a red filter over the world. Cockroaches squirm on every surface, with the paintings on the wall appearing as constantly cycling eyes. This “maze” carries on for several minutes until the player reaches a stretch of hallway without the red filter, complete with a door that opens unto…the opening hallway. The first walk through of it, at least. Everything is as it was, complete with radio announcer lacking his sinister remarks(Edit: The portraits and writing are just as damaged and damning as they were, however. They’re still there, casting an accusation at the player). However, walking through the hallway, we begin to experience static distortion, screen blurring, bleeding and cutting. This is no fault of the hardware we’re playing on, but rather the game itself purposefully showing distortion to imply that even with everything being “normal”, it’s anything but. Eventually this leads unto a red-screen, filled to the brim with writing…before a slow-roll reveal of the Silent Hills trailer, with Daryle(Norman Reedus) from Walking Dead as the lead. The writing is in several different languages, but the message appears the same:

“I’m Heading There Now”

Epilogue, and Why P.T. Is More than A Teaser.

The ending for P.T. gives both the creative minds behind the upcoming “Silent Hills” game, along with the assertion that “This is a teaser, and does not reflect the final product”.

However, given both the constant allusions to classic series components, the high-profile execution of the teaser, and the nature within which it slowly built terror and dread, I can’t buy that. I just can’t.

There was too much effort put into P.T., too much attention to detail and style for P.T. to be just Konami showing off the FOX engine. It’s a teaser, yes-and teasers grossly change between what hopes it builds in us, and what we receive. However, much as with the series itself, P.T. left me with questions. Lots of them. Even more when I saw the trailer at the end.

Everything I’m about to state is pure theory, head-cannon garbage and opinion, crap based on years of playing silent hill, reading dissertations on the plot, and analysis of character motivations and environment/symbology tear downs.

Kojima isn’t an idiot. He’s also not a slacker. He’s not the kind of person that would throw these many things at the players without grander schemes behind them. He takes his work as serious as anyone in the industry, and it’s my firm belief that sweeping P.T. under the rug is a trick. For the moment, everything seems to implicate that the Otherwordly aspects of silent hill are beginning to creep elsewhere-possibly into other dimensions than the two we’ve experienced so far in the series. The hallway wasn’t just a descent into guilt and terror. It could have been a trip through multiple, progressive dimensions of the same pocket of space, reflecting differing aspects of the same moment, the same person, the same inhuman acts.  Why else would the writing remain at the end, along with the damage to the portraits? The player didn’t land back at their origin point. They landed somewhere right next to it.

The closing screen before the trailer is what really got me thinking. “I’m Heading There now”, into a trailer of Reedus walking down an abandoned street. It’s my personal opinion that P.T. was our first experience playing as Reedus, giving us his “original sin” (which may change between now and final development). The fact that, in some playthroughs, the game ends with text saying something along the lines of “Dad didn’t even kill me in an original way. And I’m coming back for him”, likewise seems like extra effort towards pushing this as fact. It’s a leap of logic, based on too-convenient evidence and overwhelming effort on the part of the team.

I think Silent Hills, alongside being a trip down the memorable aspects of the series, will see the atmosphere play with dimensional space, time, and the feeling of being stalked while completely alone like never before. Both the opening text, the ending screen, and the constant over-our-shoulder dread resurging through the brief time with the demo seems to emphasis this. I could be wrong. Completely wrong, but if this is wrong, I can only imagine how insane the true game is going to be.

I’m hopeful. You should be, too.

It’s going to be a good time to be a SH fan again.